Teaching myself to draw

Over the years I have scribbled often disastrously inaccurate representations of buildings, landscapes, simple objects and people. It has left me with two takeaways 1) drawing accurately is really difficult 2) that everyone has an instinct to draw, from writing in the sand to doodling on a napkin to those shapes you graffitied on your classmate’s folder. I recently went to the Michelangelo and Sebastiano exhibition at the National Gallery and was staggered by the skill of both of the artist’s sketches. They managed to capture form and shape with remarkable accuracy and liveliness. However, to my eye, Michelangelo’s hand had a brilliance which his contemporary couldn’t match, I would look at a drawing which appeared unordered only to step away to see the detail and theatre of the composition come into focus.

These show, in reproduced form, some of what I am talking about

So this seems a natural sequitur onto me. Perhaps I’m setting myself up for failure; comparisons with one of the greatest artists of the 16th century can do that. Ha! Of course I’m not making comparisons. Michelangelo is the gold standard, he shows such complete amateurs as me how to do it. Now for me to try…

Yes, well I have been trying. I would love to draw better, it’s such a fantastic way of passing time and a way of capturing, in a very personal way, what you have seen and liked. So… I bought a graphic pen (a Rotring Fineliner, to be exact) and found a wooden board from the back of an old picture frame on which I rested my paper and set to work sketching in my bedroom. To start with I wanted to capture a likeness, to try and fit everything onto the page in about the right perspective. Easy!!

And my results. I deliberately haven’t included what it should actually look like!!


Soon you won’t be able to tell the difference between me and the master (insert one of those laughing and crying emojis)

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