Pottery diary: First Steps

I’m not new to the whole ceramics thing. Taking a lump of clay and giving it a form and function is something that has given me huge pleasure for a while. I’ve made things while at school, at university and while working in Paris and a few other places besides. Now I am having a go at doing it myself, I have got hold of a ceramic wheel (with a lot of help from my aunt) as well as a few utensils and some clay. It’s enough to give some form to the clay but, without a kiln to bake it, not a lot of function…

A sneak peak at the glamorous studio… lighting making it look a bit sinister

I won’t go too much into the whole process of how ball of clay turns into pot – there are manuals for that sort of thing and I am very far from the expert. Mine process is, for the most part, trial and error. Practice makes perfect, as is so often said, and it helps that massaging the clay (not in that way) into shape is pretty cathartic and apart from the occasional frustration good fun.

Anyway. Below are the results of a couple of experiments on the wheel. As I don’t have a kiln these haven’t been through the first firing and are currently brittle and pretty useless…they have also been fertilised by a few of the birds that nest in the ‘studio’!


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