Drawn to the subject

Willhaldane.com groupies (I know you’re out there somewhere) will be relieved to know that I’ve just extended my wordpress subscription for a WHOLE year. 12 months of content coming right at you.

It also gives me a kick to write a new update, one that I have been meaning to type out for a while. That is since the end of March when I finished up a 10 week evening class at the Royal Drawing School. The name sounds imposing and perhaps highly selective, although if either were true, particularly the latter, I wouldn’t have got through the door. It’s a great venue for anyone who wants to exercise their artistic itches; running great evening courses for very reasonable rates. I think mine worked out at about £20 a week for a 2 ½ hour class.

My course was called Life Drawing: Subject and Object and involved a mixture of life models and still life. Week to week I never really knew what I was in for, but that didn’t matter. On previous courses I have been impatient to get things right immediately, draw some work of genius, step back, dust my hands off and declare my mastery of the whole drawing thing and move on to something like rocket science. This time it gradually occurred to me that it’s not so much about the outcome as the process – particularly given that I’m not about to crack out a Raphael nude. I enjoyed the couple of hours on a Monday night with no distractions and the occasional buzz of satisfaction when something emerged which captured something of what I was observing.

It’s a bit of a regret that I haven’t managed to find the time to keep up with the drawing – apart from some quite sketches on holiday in Sri Lanka recently. I should probably sign up for another course…

If this feels like a long preamble to excuse some mediocre attempts at representing some subjects and objects then I present my evidence for your critical eyes to judge. I’d like to claim these aren’t a selection of the ‘best’!


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