Notebook and pen in my pocket: Some sketches from some travels

I have plenty of ideas for posts I’d like to write. However, thought and action don’t as often combine as I would like. Sometimes I get part of the way there – writing a post in note form or dragging my laptop with me for the weekend, or my sketchbook, pens and pencils – full of plans to write another blog or sit down to draw something. As with this post, noted down about 6 weeks ago but only now worked into something more concrete, it’s really hard to deliver on some of those aspirations.

Then again, a large part of the purpose of this website/blogsite when I originally envisioned it was to force myself to work those aspirations or daydreams into my routine. So, in that sense it’s doing its job, as here I am, thinking about sketching and, now, writing my thoughts down.

It’s an ambition which I was reminded of when I thought about writing a post on this mini notebook i’ve been doodling in. I’ve been taking this pocket-sized book with me on holiday for a while now. I bought it in the Miro museum in Barcelona and never really got round to using it. Then at some point I realised that I could put it in my pocket with a pen, where it would sit unobtrusively, biding its time until I got to a cafe or a nice spot. I found it an easy way to note down things done and an excuse for a brief pause and sketch in a nice spot. I have to admit, that I’m not very good at sitting still so it’s a great way for me to pause and concentrate on one thing!  A nice by product is some sketching practice and a rough image that might jog my memory in years to come. I suppose the modern terminology might be practicing mindfulness!

Also, the great benefit of the small pages (A6, I think) is to force a focus on something small or specific – it really takes any of the pressure off. I’ve culled some of the most scribbly of the scribbles to include a number of sketches from some recent trips. If I had the skill to draw the torrential rain when we were in Seville (turns out it isn’t always 40 degrees there), then there would have been plenty of those! The context to most of them, should be in the descriptions below…



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