November in Italy in sketches

I like travelling, it’s fun and Europe’s a great place to scratch that itch in. I’ve been to Spain quite a bit recently and had a great time. I’ve really got over my initial aversion from a family trip to Madrid more than ten years ago – perhaps clouded by some internal issues which confined me to a rice based diet. In this burst of Iberian fever Italy has been a bit overlooked. I have religiously consumed pizza and pasta but not stepped foot in the country for a while ( of course apart from a wedding in Perugia last year…James & Angelica – if you read this!). That duck was broken last month when I was treated to two long weekends away to Venice – GF and Turin – Mum. Very nice of them.

Both lovely places which I thoroughly recommend. Venice, of course is pretty established on the mini-breaker radar. Turin certainly isn’t, we hardly saw any tourists but it has some great sites and architecture, is easy to get to and has great food and drink – and Cristiano Ronaldo if you like football!

I took a sketchbook (that doubled as a bit of a diary) to both places. The ‘mini-break’ is a pretty full on kind of concept (see Richard Ayoade’s Travel Man for a brilliant take on it all) so taking a bit of time out in the weekend is pretty essential. Sketching enforces that pause for me.

I’m more comfortable drawing the architecture, it stays nice and still, but am trying to capture people as well – with less success currently. Here’s a tour of Venice and Turin through sketches. You decide…

From the most recent – Turin

To Venice (only 2 weeks before)

That all said I haven’t yet visited Pizza Express Woking, perhaps my most memorable Italian experience is still to come…

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